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Need a strong cybersecurity culture in your organization? We have a solution.

Reduce the risk of financial, reputational, and disruptional losses by preventing employees’ failure to take cybersecurity seriously. Build human firewalls – it’s easy with Responsu.

How We Can Help

Data protection

Reduce the risks of business disruption, financial and reputational damage caused by a cyber attack

GDPR & ISO Compliance

Equip your employees with information security awareness e-training to achieve GDPR & ISO compliance


Provide IT awareness training for all your employees as the purchase conditions are very flexible

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2022 cyber incidents occurred due to human error


Many organizations still focus only on technology when it comes to their cybersecurity. However, technological solutions can’t help if their employees don’t understand the vulnerabilities and threats to business operations.

Therefore Responsu online cybersecurity training for employees aims to:


Acquaint your employees with common cybersecurity risks and teach them how to deal with them properly


Maintain business continuity and employee productivity while building highly effective human firewalls

Online Cybersecurity Training

Responsu Features

Phishing Simulations

Examine your staff to see if they recognize social engineering attacks with phishing simulation

IT Security Awareness

Reduce cybersecurity risks by turning employees into a human firewall

Quizzes & Certificates

Assess your employee’s knowledge with ready-to-take quizzes and provide a built-in certificate




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Why Responsu Cybersecurity Online Training?

Our online cybersecurity e-training provides new opportunities for users, HR and IT professionals.

Content updates

Ensure appropriate IT security training by getting up-to-date content to refresh employee knowledge


Facilitate your staff learning with tips and example adopted for local area


Make custom reports with a click to track the progress or demonstrate regulatory compliance

Client Testimonials

„Responsu has helped a significant number of our employees refresh their IT security awareness. Interactive content, localized examples, and visual elements enabled them to grasp tough cybersecurity topics almost effortlessly.“

Jurgita Mickūnė, Legal and Personnel Administration Division Officer,  Šiauliai District Municipality

„Exceeded our expectations! Our team was contented to obtain hands-on skills which they can apply in professional and personal setup. We have already recommended the training to our partners.“

Rasa Butkuvienė, Director, Easy Dept Service


„Our employees have gained practical knowledge and most importantly kept it up-to-date. The automation feature came very handily when administering the training process, therefore, I was able to spend more time on ensuring the best results.“

Julius Lisauskas, Information security specialist, Agriculture information and rural business center


The idea for the Responsu distance learning platform was developed by Hermitage Solutions.

Responsu platform was launched in 2018 as a result of a real need in the market to provide a cybersecurity awareness test for all small, medium, and large enterprises, enabling all employees to be trained to identify cyber threats and thus strengthen the cybersecurity culture within the organization.

In order to improve, develop, and expand Responsu’s e-learning services, in 2023 a partnership agreement was concluded with Talentator (Mokomieji filmai, UAB), a partner in digital education. According to the contract, Talentator took over the technical support functions of the platform’s clients – the Learning Management System (LMS), such as system support, configuration work, integration support, troubleshooting, and other issues.

Dozens of public and private sector organizations try out Responsu training every year, some of which try to train their staff regularly.



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